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Olympus GI Benchmarking

Industry insights designed to help you better your business

Olympus GI Benchmarking is dedicated to collecting industry-specific data to help you with facility management and operational efficiencies.

Unlike other benchmarking services that are focused on physician- and procedural-based quality metrics for case-by-case analysis, Olympus GI Benchmarking is designed to transform your data into practical, useful information to help you improve your operational results.


Metrics to tap into efficiencies

GI endoscopy centers are commonly seen as performing repetitive services where real gains can be achieved by focusing on efficiency. Metrics such as length of stay, procedural costs, reportable events, and type and amount of equipment can help facility managers know how they stack up against peer facilities and pinpoint areas for improvement or course correction.

GI Benchmarking operational data can help you evaluate the efficiency of your GI facility to identify areas of concern, such as:

  • Percentage of on-time starts
  • Turnover time
  • Staffing, scheduling and sedation
  • Utilization of block time
  • Accessory costs and supply issues
  • Equipment repairs and reprocessing
  • Accounts receivables and contracted services

GI Benchmarking facility-based quality data is meant as an adjunct to, rather than a replacement for, the current procedural-based quality data you already gather for reporting, reimbursement and accreditation. It can help you view reportable events as part of your bigger operational picture, including falls, hospital transfers, perforations, infections or changes in sedation (either re-sedation or use of recovery agents).


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