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Workflow improvements

Faced with the challenge of fitting more patients in a four-room suite within a seven-hour time frame, one GI center turned to their benchmarking data to look for opportunities. Based on what they learned about staffing models at peer facilities, they made the decision to hire a dedicated transport tech focused on moving patients. The GI center calculated that this staffing change alone saved their nursing staff six minutes per patient, allowing the nurses to handle more patients each day and meet the facility’s volume goals.  


Cost validation

A lab manager of a physician-owned EASC was able to use her facility’s benchmarking data to validate staffing expenditures. The physicians had been concerned that their EASC was overstaffed. By showing them their facility’s better-than-average results from the benchmarking report, the lab manager was able to demonstrate that their staffing dollars were justified and lower than their peers.


Improved length of stay

With a length of stay eight minute longer than national averages, the GI unit for this regional hospital was motivated to use benchmarking data to update their procedural process. Instead of having physicians see patients in the procedure room before handing off sedation orders to a nurse, the unit worked to streamline the process. Their new strategy involved using standard sedation orders based on patient age and ASA score. This allowed the physician to talk to the patient in the prep area and then hand off the requested sedation scale to the nurse. This change reduced their length of stay by eight to ten minutes per case, making them competitive with national averages.


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