Olympus GI Benchmarking

Industry insights designed to help you better your business

Summary of key features

  • GI-specific, industry insights to help you improve cost efficiencies and operational results

  • Reporting based on data from comparable size and types of facilities

  • Unbiased data collection to represent the spectrum of facilities and equipment types

  • Flexible data entry—you chose the method, prepare at your convenience and only participate in data collection that is beneficial to your facility

  • Customized reports for your facility, with online filtering options (subscribers can print out the filtered reports they create)

  • Accessible GI Benchmarking database to review your facility’s historical data entries (starting in 2016)

  • Convenient compilation of operational and facility-based quality data to provide a single source for evaluating your operational efficiency


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Enroll now  at benchmarking.olympusamerica.com. To get in touch with our benchmarking experts or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at professionalservices@olympus.com.


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