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Olympus GI Benchmarking

Industry insights designed to help you better your business

Olympus GI Benchmarking is dedicated to collecting industry-specific data to help you with facility management and operational efficiencies.

Unlike other benchmarking services that are focused on physician- and procedural-based quality metrics for case-by-case analysis, Olympus GI Benchmarking is designed to transform your data into practical, useful information to help you improve your operational results.


Enhanced features for better utility

With the introduction of GI Benchmarking in 2005, Olympus served a pioneering role in developing GI-specific metrics for the industry. After collecting almost a decade’s worth of industry data and receiving invaluable input from customers nationwide, Olympus renewed its commitment to the product by dedicating additional R&D funding to further enhance the product and the user experience.

The enhanced version of the GI Benchmarking product is now ready for launch. As part of its commitment to ensure data depth an
d subscriber utility, Olympus will be offering the GI Benchmarking product free of charge throughout 2016.


Key features

  • GI-specific, industry insights to help you improve cost efficiencies and operational result
  • Unbiased data collection to represent the spectrum of facilities and equipment types
  • Customized reports for your facility, with online filtering options (subscribers can print out the filtered reports they create)
  • Accessible GI Benchmarking database to review your facility's historical data entries (starting in 2016)
  • Convenient compilation of operational and facility-based quality data to provide a single source for evaluating your operational efficiency
  • Flexible data entry - you chose the method, prepare at your convenience and only participate in data collection that is beneficial to your facility
  • Reporting data based on data from comparable size and types of facilities


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