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Olympus GI Benchmarking is dedicated to collecting industry-specific data to help you with facility management and operational efficiencies. Unlike other benchmarking services that are focused on physician- and procedural-based quality metrics for case-by-case analysis, Olympus GI Benchmarking is designed to transform your data into practical, useful information to help you improve your operational results.

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Recent ransomware attacks have impacted individuals and organizations across the globe. This note is intended to reassure those using our Olympus GI Benchmarking site (https://benchmarking.olympusamerica.com).

On June 22, 2017, our Information Technology Security team conducted a vulnerability assessment against the infrastructure hosting the Olympus GI Benchmarking program. As of that date, the server is up to date on all of its patches. As a result, the server is not vulnerable to any known viruses or other cybersecurity threats, including ransomware.

On behalf of Olympus, I thank you for selecting our GI Benchmarking program.

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